5 Reasons Why Black Panther Is The Worthy King Of Wakanda That Marvel Needs

The first teaser trailer of Black Panther movie is out and fans worldwide cannot stop raving about it. The reason is simple, the first black superhero from Marvel Comics is raw, real and inspires a whole new world in the already interesting Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Just the fact that a small appearance from the prince of Wakanda was enough to create ripples in the 2016 blockbuster, Captain America : Civil War. T’Challa , the Prince of  powerful, he has a rich history and above all, he has a conscience. There is a lot of depth to this marvel character. And just like every marvel trailer, Black Panther trailer has got a lot of swag in it !! You can check it out for yourself.



1. Chadwick Bosman Brings A Lot Of Dignity To His Character

There is a saying that legends agree to, Marvel never miscasted. The characters in the MCU go beyond the comic book stereotype genre. It is much more about the man and the muscles. All the heroes in Marvel movies prove that they were born to play the role. Chadwick Bosman is no exception to the rule.

2. King T’Challa Knows How To Win Audience On His Side

You have seen Captain America : Civil War and you rpobably also know that it is difficult not to root for Black Panther’s character. He has got a great backstory, he is from a rich culture and has all the heroism we need. He brings a lot of royalty to the cinematic universe we love and the T’Challa has just won the audience over his side.


3. He Is An Original Superhero From Comics We Need

As a comic book fan also, you have to be rejoiced by the fact that Black Panther is so loyal to his origins. He is sharp, he is quick, he stands up for his people and above all, he has a strong sense of ethical commitment. He is nothing short of revelation and brings much needed Black people’s rich history in the MCU !


4. Wakanda Is A World Yet To Be Explored In The MCU

If you have been following marvel movies or a bit of comics for a while. You know that Wakanda is a great nation with a history and culture yet to be explored. In the comics it is a nation in Africa which is technologically more advanced than rest of the world. It is also the home to vibranium, the indestructible metal used in Captain America’s shield and also the metal used to make Black Panther’s costume !

5. Black Panther Movie Brings In A Lot Of Swag We Didn’t Expect

Marvel has never failed to get the fancy of all the comic book and non comic book fans alike. Black Panther teaser is just the proof of that. You get a familiar character out of Captain America Civil War. You see Wakanda that has a population living in the contrast of rich and the poor. But when the king T’Challa is our own superhero with all the criminal backdrop elements of trouble thrown in. Be sure to expect a lot of swag, royalty with a swag !

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