7 Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Life

Tired of relationship failures ?? Having a hard time financially ?? Well there is still reason for you to rejoice because life comes as perennial package which can heal almost everything you endure. And whatever you say, life is always worth a second chance and there are reasons we wish you knew before you think of giving up !!


1. Heartbreaks Wisen You

You cannot control the flow of people in your life, and it is not the career failure, or love distress that breaks your heart, it is only your longing to achieve something that does ! But anyhow heartbreaks make you more resilient and wary of your choices empowering you take wiser decisions and achieve better position.

2. Renewal is almost always better than the damage

Yea life can take a toll on you and sometimes life seems pretty harsh. You know these are the worst of times but, these are the best of times too ! And the best thing about the momentum of your life is that there is this renewal process which takes place after every damaging phase you face.


3. Trust The Yin And Yang Of Life

The logic is simple here. There is this Yin and there is this Yang. There are bright times and there are these dark times. But you know almost everything is temporary here. Even your troubles ! So just chill out and let the cycles play themselves out.


4. God Knows Exactly Where You Are So Trust It

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It is not counter intuitive and you must know that God is always on your side !! You do not know where you are, but God knows exactly where you are in relationship to everything you are aiming for and even though you do not see the way out, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. ( Only when you see your life in reverse you understand how dots connect ).  You can give up on yourself but God won’t so smile.


5. Life Has A Magical Way Of Working Out Just When You Think It’s Over

Have you not heard of those stories ?? Haven’t almost all the scientific breakthroughs come just when people give up ?? Yes this is also the case with your life. So however paradoxical it might seem, life is surprise you by working itself out even when you think it’s over.


6. You Can Always Start Afresh

There is no rocket science to it. Even if you start afresh, you can almost always use previous experience into it and you will always be making it, but just do not give up !


7. No Matter How Hard Things Get, They Prepare You For Bigger League

Yes, there is nothing that can stop you, we are not suggesting that you do not take breaks. Sometimes life gives you a break so you can re-asses yourself. And you are always always going towards bigger league with better resources than the time you failed !

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