The Right Order In Which DCEU Films Should Have Been Released

The DCEU films have been subject to a lot of criticism for the studio having to take hurried decisions not knowing where to go with their movies. Of course Zack Snyder has kick started the DC movie universe but there was a need for DCEU films to chalk out a plan to do justice to their stories and characters, instead of trying to fast track their scripts to catch to the success of MCU.

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Commerce aside, there has been some speculation with the positive fans of the DCEU films of how the studio could have layed out the existing films. We are not mentioning all of them but here is an order in which DCEU films should have been released.

1. Man Of Steel

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Superman is the first and major DC superhero. The Man Of Steel is placed first on the list. There should have been some character development as we would have liked to see. Maybe in a more optimistic light.

2. Batman Solo Film

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Batman remains an integral part of the DCEU. Introducing him before a mashed up movie was a must. Also Batman has the best villains in the DC comics. We could have done without origin story. Ben Affleck of course is a great Batman. All the fuss would have been over about the reboot of the film if the studio just gave Affleck a goddamn Batman film. It would have been awesome if Deathstroke was the main villain in the film and the Joker was only mentioned. A reference to the”Joke’s On You” could have been made as seen on the Robin’s costume in the Batman V Superman.

3. Batman V Superman

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The two characters have been established. Now Batman and Superman have a different perspective and take on the world. Now keeping with the Snyder’s vision it was not a bad idea to even have Wonder Woman as the surprise entry. Rest minor changes in the film could have been made.

4. Wonder Woman Solo Film

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This was a perfect outing. Patty Jenkins did everything right with the character. We have a wonderful Gal Gadot. The film was placed well and recieved positively by the critics. No changes in this film.

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5. Justice League

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Now that you have established the Trinity – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, now we have the justice League. The Flash was also recieved well by the audience so there could later have been a Flash and Green Lantern buddy co film.

6. Green Lantern Corps Movie

If the DCEU had gotten many many notes right upto this point then it was also perfect ot have a good script for the Hal Jordan and John Stewart. It is said that the script of the film is in the works. This would be a space movie like the Guardians Of The Galaxy in the Marvel. But no comparisons still

7. Flashpoint

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Now much like the animated Flashpoint movie, most characters and their villains are to be established by this point. The justice league is already together. All you need is a Reverse Flash. Rest it could have been interesting twist in the DCEU where many timelines change after the events of the Flash Point. This could have made another opening to the DCEU into a new phase.



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