Scarlet Witch Vs Doctor Strange – The Marvel Wizards !!

Now we are talking about the most powerful and mystical magical forces in the Marvel movies. This situation is not unlikely as If Stephen had featured in Captain America: Civil War than he might be seen in a  Scarlet Witch Vs Doctor Strange scenario. So these are two very popular loved characters from marvel coming to combat each other. Interesting because both of them are almost undefeatable!!

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Now let us look at the superpowers of both the characters !!

Doctor Strange Powers
  • The Lack Of Fear
  • Banishing enemies by taking them to another dimension
  • Telepathy
  • Magic Spells
  • Astral Projection
  • Time Travel

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Scarlet Witch Superpowers
  • Chaos Magic
  • Reality Warping
  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Energy Bolts
  • Telekinesis

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Now talking about the Ultimate face off then Wanda Maximoff is more likely to have an advantage over Doctor Strange in Scarlet Witch Vs Doctor Strange fight. First of all, we would like to note that Wanda is a mutant while Stephen Strange with great training is also a vulnerable human because otherwise, they have equal powers. In the comics, Doctor Strange has been shown to use the eye of Agmotto to shut down Scalet Witch’s brain but was unable to stop her persistent chaos magic. In the Marvel comics, the Chaos magic is believed to be so powerful that the Sorcerer Supreme thought that it was non-existent. Giving them respect, both the wizards have equal prowess in magic and control. Instead of wasting time in small gimmicks both of them will focus on their core strengths.

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Wanda can take a step ahead and fool Doctor Strange into hallucinating his own powers. So while Strange might think that he is having some success in the combat, he might just be fighting himself. Both of them have exceptional reality warping abilities so it is difficult to see what they do to the fight premise. Wanda might aim at creating unstable structures while firing energy bolts at the Sorcerer Supreme. Strange might detect it strategically and could easily re do whatever Scarlet Witch is doing. But then soon Doctor Strange can also, in the end, use the time stone to go back and see whatever happened to undo the circumstances. Until then both of them will find a deuce. So this fight will end up in a tie !! And the good news is that none of them get killed in Scarlet Witch Vs Doctor Strange. Haha, so kudos to both of these great wizards !!

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