The Secret To Sound Sleep That Doctors Wont Tell You

” Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.”     Bill Cosby

I have dealt with inability to sleep for a few years now. I have been waking up with  body ache. I tried light sleeping pills but they made my life worse. If I forced myself to sleep with pills, I was unable to work or rest the next day. My head spinning ,feeling  drowsy and I lost the ability to think clearly. I pledged never to take sleeping pills again. The same stands true for the pain killers. As a result of poor sleep I had chronic fatigue and low energy levels, this marred the amount of work I could accomplish in a day.

I visited many qualified doctors, one  prescribed antibiotics for few days , another put me through a series of blood ,urine ,kidney liver function tests. All the test results were fine.

I tried meditation. It was difficult to focus as I was not feeling healthy or energetic.

Then  I took B complex Forte with vitamin C for few days regularly. I noticed that I woke up energetic and feeling good. I could fall asleep at 10 pm. My sleep was also deep and peaceful. I can now go back to sleep easily even when  disturbed on some account. My fatigue is gone.I feel light and mentally clear. I can let go of my anxieties easily. I can do a lot more work. I recommended B Complex to others in family. They too reported disappearance of pains and aches and more energy.

B complex consists of eight of the B vitamins. The constitution of the one I am taking is

Thiamine Mononitrate IP 10 mg

Riboflavin IP 10 mg

Pyridoxine Hydrochlorine 3 mg

Vitamin B 12 15 mcg

Niacinamide 100 mg

Calcium Penthothenate IP 50 mg

Folic Acid IP 1.5 mg

Biotin USP 100 mcg

Ascorbic Acid IP 150 mg

B complex vitamins are water soluble and do not stay in the body for long.

” Sleeping is not time wasting.”    Mike Wilson

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