Selena Gomez Dubbing Talking About iPhone 8 Will Leave You In Splits !!

Renu Gujrar is now back with another sensational video presenting a great dig at the iPhone 8 which is nothing short of a revelation. The iPhone users have been busy talking about the new features and changes being made to the updated iPhone 8 model and the flagship iPhone X model. You can check it out in the hilarious video below and decide for yourself to bu the phone or not.

Meanwhile the iPhone 8 follows the same design language as the previous one, the iPhone 7 has been a good raging session in the country and abroad due to it’s wide array of features and dual camera. The iPhone 8, on the other hand, promises some add-on features but lags behind due to undue high pricing. And just to change the game Apple also has an iPhone X which is totally a bigger OLED screen phone with an 82.9% screen to body ratio. In comparison, the iPhone X is only 17% heavier than iPhone 8 while being of the same width.

On the internet recently, there has also been a lot of memes and jokes about the removal of the home button and the introduction of the facial recognition feature on the iPhone. This is also not the first time that the Indian subcontinent has welcomed the iPhone as a butt of jokes as the previous versions have also been criticized for being more expensive than the android phones from Samsung with the same features. So youngsters can have some fun talking about the new iPhone whether they buy it or not. Anyways we enjoyed the hilarious dubbing take by screen name artists Renu Bhati.

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