Doctor Strange Vs Shazam : When The Magical Forces From Marvel And DC Collide

So when it comes to the mystic and the magical forces, there are only a few worthy contenders in the Marvel Universe. And the equation remains the same when we turn into the DC Extended Universe. So here we have a great discussion on Doctor Strange Vs Shazam. Yess we have it. Doctor Strange is more about the mind power and Shazam is a lot about the muscle. But both of them still makes for an epic face off. So who do you think we should place our bet on.

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Now even for a powerful creature like Shazam Doctor Strange is very competitive. His powers Include

  • Fearlessness
  • The Ability To Banish Enemies To Other Dimensions
  • Magic Spells
  • Astral Projection
  • Telepathy
  • Time Reversal

and much more…..

So looks like after the description it is not very difficult to understand that who will win this sort of battle. But let us look at what Shazam has to offer :

  • Super Strength And Stamina
  • Super Speed
  • Magical Resistance From Zeus

So looks like Doctor Strange Vs Shazam would be a fight to look for. So obviously Strange has some abilities like Crimson Band spell and the Cyttoracks. But Shazam can easily resist these. Also, the physical abilities are also far more than Stephen Strange. But even at the early stages, the Strange can read Shazam’s mind even before he says the word SHAZAM !! So then Doctor Strange can be immune to his attacks by using astral projection. Shazam will never get ahead of him.

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But you know what ends the fight ?? Doctor Strange can fire electric bolts with the ease of a second that is the only weakness Shazam has even in his powerful form. SO let us say Shazam gets close enough to the Marvel sorcerer supreme and throws him across separating from his eye of Agmotto the fight can be tough. But then also Stephen can use telekinesis to get to his feet. Just enough time to reverse the time before he says SHAZAM. And what after that ?? Strange can banish him to another dimension or threaten to where Billy promises to give up. While it seems like the battle of 2 powerful forces, Strange will easily come up every single time. So this fight belongs to Marvel !! Sorry DC Fans.


Winner: Doctor Strange

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