Everything You Need To Know About SHAZAM From The DC Comics !!

Shazam is a very powerful being in the DC comics and is also known as Captain Marvel of the DC Universe. he has some great impressive abilities. One of the facts that we would mention early on is that he might be played by Hohn Cena in the DC Cinematic Universe. he might come face to face with Dwayne Johnson who plays the role of Black Adam. Anyways there are many cooler comic books related facts about Shazam that you would be glad to know. Scroll down and check them out in the article below.



He Was A Part Of Fawcett Comics And Later Bought By DC

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Shazam was originally created by the Fawcett comics. But DC Comics filed a lawsuit against the company for their character had a lot of resemblance with Superman. DC Comics won the case and they even later bought the character rights later !!

The Word Shazam Gives Him Power From 6 Gods

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The words SHAZAM stands for a spell that calls for powers from 6 gods. They are as follows :

  • S For Soloman to get wisdom
  • H for Hercules to get strength
  • A for the Stamina for Atlas
  • Z for the power of Zeus
  • A for Achilles for the courage
  • M For Mercury to give him Speed

He Has Got Superhuman Knowledge And Knows Various Languages

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The superhero possesses a great amount of knowledge in every field. His knowledge also gives him the ability to communicate in various languages.

He Possesses Sorcery And Magical Resistance

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Shazam gets his power in the field of sorcery and magical resistance from Zeus. This makes him a very powerful sorcerer in the DC Universe. He has some weaknesses, however, being stopped from uttering the spell or being struck by electricity once can stop his powers from being.

His Strength Is At Par With Superman


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Shazam is a great magical creature. his alter ego name is Billy. he possesses great super human strength from Hercules. he has even been shown to knock out Superman in just about 2 punches. He is just as powerful as the Man Of Steel when it comes to muscles.


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