7 Signs That You Are An Awkward Teenager

More often than not a teenager is the most misunderstood species on the planet.Their lives are sandwiched between the adults and the little kids.  and also there is a lot of learning and humour involved for people going through their teenage years. In this humour related post your going to get a sense on some of the aspects of the same subject.  so here is an article about signs that you are an awkward teenager


People Don’t Understand Your Problem


Well you are not prepare for the world were you.  at this age you would expect everybody to be sensitive to your problems.  but more fun and humour arise when people just don’t even understand your problem.  this adds to the pain of being an awkward teenager.


You Have A Weird sense Of Humour

The one sign that distinguishes Nomograph from the north from the awkward geeky teenagers is that you have a weird sense of humour.  and on top of that you would also expect people to laugh at your jokes but you would just not get the reactions.  and this is it is quite normal not to find like minded people maybe you are just too developed far for your own species.


You find it difficult making a lot of friends

The teenage is one of the most challenging years for many of the people who even have a good social life as adults.  One important sign about awkward teenager is that they always have a problem making a lot of friends.  they would rather stick to small groups with their no different


You Land Yourself Into Trouble

Another noteworthy thing about awkward teenager is that they often random stuff into various kind of trouble.  that is not because they are bad people it is just that they are trying to experiment with their geeky ways.


Your High Intellect Is Intimidating To People

the most painful thing about being in your teenage years is you will not always find people who comprehend your intellectual state of being.  so your hisense of intellect will always intermediate a lot of people around you and even make them question your sanity.


Your Best Friend Is The Only One Who Gets You

this is one great lesson about life is that even if you are not so good at getting social approval you will always have that best friend to bang your head into.  they will try to help you out and reassure you about how awesome you are.


You Are Far From Being The Life Of The Party

one of the noteworthy things about teenagers being awkward is that they were always struggle to be life of the party  when it comes to social gatherings and various occasions where the weather popular kids find more acceptance.


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