5 Silver Surfer Facts That Make Him The Un-Glorified Marvel Superhero

The Silver surfer has been a great part of the Marvel comics. What you already know about him is that he travels across the space flying on his board. he works for Galactus and helps him capture planets so Galactus can suck the energy out of it. But the character has seldom found any success thanks to the bad movie attempts. But he has been a major part of the comic books and animated series also released in the 90’s. here are some facts that you must know about the unglorified yet powerful Marvel character !!

His Super Powers Include 20 Different Abilities

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The Silver Surfer is a cosmic being. He can tackle at just about any threat form the Galaxy. he is highly durable and adaptive.Some of them are listed below !!

  • He has got Super Strength, Speed, Durability, and Stamina
  • Manipulation of the Fundamental Forces
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Energy Manipulation/Projection/Absorption
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy/Psionics
  • Dimensional Manipulation/Travel
  • Shape-shifting
  • Immortality
  • Healing
  • Cosmic Awareness

One fact is that he is so powerful that he can even survive and get through black holes !!

He Can travel Half A Million Lightyears In Seconds

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This power of silver surfer keeps him going across one galaxy to another in order to explore planets for Galactus

He Is Invincible

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There is no way that you can hurt the SIlver Surfer. he has had many fights and has easily taken down forces like the Hulk in the comics. His durability and strength make him almost invincible.

He Can Feel Emotions But not As Strongly As Humans

Unlike many people believe, the SIlver Surfer does have a conscience. In fact, he is also shown to be in love with Super Nova ( in the comics ). But his emotional sensitivity is a bit lower than human standards.

His Surfing board Can Trap Living Matter And Destroy It

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His board is made up of the same material than he is. That gives its board whole lot power like energy manipulation. It can even trap living matter or simply destroy it.


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