The Similarities Between The Animated Series Batman And Ben Affleck Batman Are Astounding!

The similarities between the animated series Batman are astounding. Some people have already compared the Ben Affleck version of Batman with the animated series Batman / Bruce Wayne. But when you watch this video down below you will truly know that this thing cannot be more true ! I mean to say that if you truly count on this theme music along with the visuals from Batman V Superman then you will understand that there is a lot of depth and meaning to Ben Affleck’s version of the character. Unlike his debut in the DCEU. the new Batman now stands for hope and a lot more than we expect form our heroes.


Batman has got a generation of fans all not necessarily from the film background. Most of his fans are loyalists from comic books and people from the 90’s who were a fan of the animated series Batman. Now this Batman is much more optimistic and wants Justice. He cares for people and is selfless in his pursuit to save the world. This is where Affleck can get it right. In modern times for example Nolan’s version of Batman had dark contravenes and complexities but Christian Bale had to play it in a real world. We are talking about comic books. The charm and the magic comes all from the comic books and that is what we are hungry for.

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What marvel did is bring critical acclaim to comic book movies and now DCEU has the advantage of utilizing the new generation of fan following. And not to forget despite bad reviews for Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck got appreciation for his portrayal of Dark Knight on the big screen.


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What some people like more about him is that he even plays Bruce Wayne version of the character so well. The brighter tone brings more universal appeal to the character and that is why we cannot wait to see Battfleck solo movie and Batman in Justice League.

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