Venom Stand Alone Film To Star Tom Hardy; Movie Worth The Risk For Sony ??

Spiderman is easily one of the most loved characters thank to his universal appeal. Also the Spiderman movie franchise is seen as one of the most deendable and cashable movie offerings. This was true even before there was a Marvel and DC fan war going on. Thanks to the character’s universal appeal. it is not just a comic book movie franchise, it is somethign loved by all movie goers in general. And after Sony pictures failing to capture the magic of frnachise is 2 spiderman series ( Spiderman; Amazing Spiderman ), the studio has come up with the idea to get a venom standalone movie. Well that looks like a great idea, given the fact that Venomhas a great story line potential for the Studio.

Now Sony has got Tom Hardy, who is a very dependable character to play the role. And we can be sure the Dark Night Rises actor will do some justice to the role as he has been an antagonist in this genre of movies ( Christopher Nolan’s Bane , remember ?? ). But the movie has left many fans in confusion. Becaus eat first it is a standalone film, but it is nto going to be a Spiderman movie. The regular movie goers do not care but it is a matter of concern for all the comic book fans.

No doubt Venom is already a menacing character and he has not got his due in Tobey Macguire’s Spiderman 3 directed by Sam Raimi. The character which was played by Topher Grace was a major disappointment for fans and general movie goers. Now we feel that Tom Hardy will do justice for the role. But with Spiderman alreay being tied to Marvel Studios with Homecoming and Avengers Infinity Wars, we doubt if that is a good idea to confuse the fans with so much going on. And the movie has nothing to do with MCU. Of course Sony owns the characters, but we feel that it was not a good idea to do so until a premise was established for the same. Anyhow we hope to see a different darker take on Venom, which is also the most loved Spider man anti-hero. This might do to Sony, what Deadpool did for Marvel.

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