Spiderman Homecoming 2 Will Open After The Wake Of Avengers Infinity War

In the wake of Avengers Infinity War taking a toll on most of the heroes that are present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the future of MCU remains quite uncertain. But out of the few projects that have been announced, Spiderman Homecoming 2 is what we are most excited about. The good news is that Spiderman Homecoming 2 opens in the MCU only a few weeks after the events of Avengers Infinity Wars, the movie comes out in the year 2019 after the untitled Avengers Infinity Wars. This means that our Spidey has gone through a lot and survived nevertheless.

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But just like the other characters, the repercussions of Thanos taking down the Earth will be very huge in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Likewise, our Peter Parker would have gone through some phases of character development already early in the film. You can say that the Infinity Stones also might change a few things in the MCU. But fans can rejoice because there is a lot to be seen in the spiderverse with new villains and an established Peter Parker.


This Is The Spidey We Know From Comic Books

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Now this Peter Parker has seen the world and also been with the Avengers. This time Peter Parker must have realized his powers, maybe not to the full potential but he is on the way to become the iconic Spiderman that we know and love from the comics.

You Can Get Surprise Entries From The MCU Phase 4

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This time Spider Man Homecoming has been established and well Sony has learned from it;’s mistake. This movie will be loyal to the source material and can very much anticipate entries of characters from the Spiderman Universe and also form the MCU. This might also include some iconic Villains making a comeback on screen. Spiderman Homecoming 2 will also mark the opening pf phase 4 of MCU.

Marvel Will Answer The Gwen Stacy Mary Jane Questions In Homecoming 2

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Apart from Spiderman Homecoming to have been confirming the existence of miles, Morales some other characters which are important to Peter Parker are likely to be there. Gwen Stacy is one and MJ as already been teased to exist.


This Is The Perfect Spiderman Cinematic Set Up We Waited For

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The world has seen a lot of threats, much like in the Spiderman comics, yet spidey stands on his own in his own Universe. We have got Tom Holland who is a great Spiderman and a lovable Peter open wake in the world where Marvel can also experiment with the film. Now they can take great creative liberties with more characters ( from the Fox deal ) and also with some older versions of characters we know. This will be the perfect Spiderman film we waited for.


All in all we can say that Spiderman Homecoming 2 is going to be really special for MCU fans as it will also be the first movie from Phase 4 and will pack in a lot of exciting elements. For more amazing gossip from the world of comic books, entertainment and science, keep coming back to amazing geek world.


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