This Advice From Stan Lee Will Make You Think Why He Is The Comic Book Boss

Stan Lee is a name in the entertainment business who needs no introduction. But for starters, he was formerly the executive Vice President and Publisher at Marvel Comics. Yes the name says it all. Currently the entertainment spectrum is booming with comic book movies ideas thanks to comic books. Stan Lee is the iconic name behind creations such as Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Iron Man to name a few.

In a video on Youtube Stan Lee seems to be spilling the beans on what went behind the creation of these iconic comics such as Thor and Fantastic Four. He is asked questions abotu how he was inspired to make the characters in first place. Currently the Marvel movies seem to be an overwhelming success at the box office. And the comic book material seems to inspire even the newest of generation. Stan Lee is a legend who sure has opened many gateways. Surprisingly the Marvel Studios has aced the science fiction genre even better then Hollywood. The man himself seems to have a lot to say to the young writers and remains a source of inspiration for comic book fans through out the world. They seemed to have carved out a niche of their own. Check out the man himself in the video below.

The 94 year old comic book mogul began his career as an assistant at Timely Comics in 1939. Later came Marvel in the 1960’s and nobody knew that it would rule for next 50 years or so. He seems to be talking about what went behind the creative tables during the making of the comics and what goes behind making of the superheroes and super villains.

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He seems to be also talking about how the superheroes acquired their powers and credits it to as ” a matter of thinking”. Stan Lee also admits that he invented the mutants being born with the powers as he ran out of ideas about where superheroes got their power from.

The Marvel God Father is also notoriously known to make cameos in every Marvel character film that has been released to date. e even talks about how the world around him influences the way he made comic book characters. Where he refers that the closest one to it is “Iron Man”. The rich billionaire tech genius as is loved in comic books and movies alike !

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