Superman Black Costume And Armor Released In A Justice League Deleted Scene

Warner Bros has already prepared for a major shake up. This is also so much obvious after the fact that Justice League which was a major release under the Studio in 2017 was a huge disappointment at the box office. Fans had tirelessly been speculating the return of Superman which did happen but all that without that Superman Black costume. Zack Snyder had already left the table with a personal tragedy with Joss Whedon taking over. Meanwhile after the movie bombed at the box office, DC fans were really disappointing and signed many petitions for Warner Bros to release Snyder’s cut.

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The DVD Blu Ray version of the movie has been out a while ago and fans cannot help but cringe at the fact that Superman Black Costume was there. Not only that there is also a Superman armor in the clip. Fans have been cringe-worthy about the fact that they never got to see that in the actual movie. It could not have been as many scenes in the movie were re shot and Snyder had also left in which Whedon had t make some changes. Whatever be the reason fans of the DC movies are not happy and the Studio should also understand that. You can also watch the deleted scene here

In the trailer Superman can be seen walking lookign very curious in the same checked shirt that we saw him with Louis Lane. Next all we knwo is that Studio decided to not have this scene in the movie and no traces of the Superman Black Costume can be seen in the movie either. This is a major let down as we could have a better film from Snyder, maybe his last one for DC. Indications are clear that DC Universe could have thrived if they offered what fans love in animated series and comics.

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The armor on the other hand looks like inspired from the Injustice League storyline costume that has also been also seen in the Injustice League games on the PS4. What do you think, let us know in the coments down below.



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