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The Battle Is On : Optimus Prime Vs Iron Man

como conocer a un hombre maduro The Battle cannot get bigger then this, we bring you Optimus Prime Vs Iron Man. It is the head of Autobots Vs The Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. It would be interesting to see because while Iron Man uses the best technology possible on Earth, Optimus Prime himself is an example of highly advanced alien technology….

How Rune King Thor Changed The Events Of Thor Ragnarok

source link Thor Ragnarok Marks for very important event in the Marvel cinematic Universe. And as you have might have noticed in the trailer that Thor loses his hammer.  but and have been asking all over that how can thought why without his hammer. At the end of the trailer however what you see is actually Rune…

8 Amazing Powers Of The Vision That Make Him A Worthy Avenger

source url The Vision is a worthy Avenger given the fact that he has so much control over his superpowers and he has been powered by non other than the mind stone. The humble looking Avengers as not many people know was a creation of Ultron itself and was brought to life by Thor. There is a…