So This Is Thanos Master Plan For Infinity War !

Now Marvel has put their cards on the desk and fans can better anticipate the proceedings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now you know that the Mad Titan has a lot ot do with what you saw in the trailer and we think we know Thanos master plan. He can create havoc. And somehow he seems to be in the possession of the infinity Gauntlet. The impending danger is something to be seen as our heroes, Iron Man, Captain, Spider Man, Doctor Strange and Thor face the biggest challenge ever. In case ou missed you can check the Avengers Infinity War Trailer here : 

Stephen McFeely one of the co-writers for the screenplay of Avengers Infinity War has revealed what the Thanos master plan is :


His goal is to re-balance the universe as he sees it. So when he figures out that the Infinity Stones could do this for him at the snap of a finger, that becomes his main goal.

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Now as twisted as this may sound, this is the most powerful villain that Avengers will have to face. As seen in the Trailer Guardians Of The Galaxy meet Thor and later Doctor Strange is seen in the same frame as Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. The big impending danger of these events has brought the best if heroes together for the first time on screen. Another leaked footage had shown the collector to be invaded by Thanos. We all knew what Thanos did there.

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He took the Infinity Stone. Now he did have the Power Stone and the Space stone by the time we seem him in the trailer. The kind of havoc he created was enough to take a toll on all of them. Now imagine when he has his hands on the reality stone and the time stone. He can literally use the shape shifting abilities of the reality stone and create timeline tragedies with the timestone. The danger is impending and is big. Thanos only aim is to get all the six Infinity stones, whatever be the effect of Thanos master plan. This pits him against the Avengers and also Doctor Strange who is Sorcerer Supreme.

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