7 Best Fight Scenes From Marvel Movies That Kept The Audience At The Edge Of Their Seats!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full and frenzies often known for their quality comic book films and franchises bringing together the favorite Marvel comic superheroes. The whole thing started with the Iron Man ( 2008 ) but in this list, we will also include action from other Marvel comics characters movies. Now here is the list of the best, baddest and the most entertaining fight scenes to ever feature in Marvel Movies. Have a look

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We have listed scenes on the basis of the superhero motives, the scale of action, the type of direction and the character development associated with them. If you agree or disagree you can tell us in the comments section below.


Hulkbuster Vs Hulk

Probably one of the most entertaining scenes in the Avengers: Age Of Ultron, this scene has Tony Stark taking on the Hulk with the Hulkbuster armor for the very first time on the big screen. The fight scene has a splendid display of full town going haywire with Hulk gone full power where Iron Man has to take charge and pack a few punches. Certainly a memorable scene.




Expressway Fight Deadpool

Deadpool scores full points for being witty and the movie takes pride in making fun of itself. The overtop action scene with slo-mo introduction works well for the Wade Wilson brand of action. Truly entertaining and well choreographed full of one-liners and humor.



Captain America Civil War Airport Battle Scene

The final Captain America Civil war fight scene is something that all comic book fans can only dream of seeing on the big screen. The airport battle scene has some great action-dialogue moments while you see the Avengers take on each other. You also see some entertaining additions such as Black Panther and Spider-Man to keep the audience amused.


Spiderman 2 Train Fight Scene

This scene is basically everything that Spiderman stands for, his relentless will to help people, his superhero life taking a toll on him physically and his prowess against his enemies. The ending of the scene comes with the passengers knowing Spidey’s secret identity and keeping the dignity of not revealing their hero who is just a kid who risks his life for citizens.

Winter Soldier Freeway Fight


The Winter Soldier is one of the most acclaimed movies of the genre. This fight scene features Nick Fury, Captain, and Black Widow. One of the more organic fight scenes it is more grounded rather than being large scale action.

New York Battle Scene

The first Avengers film had pretty much set the tone and benchmark for all the superhero movies to follow. Every old and new Marvel fan gave this scene a thumbs up. it had great action, teamwork and an ensemble cast promising best dialogue delivery and comic timing.

Antman Vs Yellow Jacket Final Scene

Ant-Man can be said to be the most underrated solo movie outings from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apart from the nanotechnology and science, the movie also has great scope to feature the spellbinding action scenes, the one in the final fight between Ant-Man and the Yellow Jacket. You see great superhero action while exploring the world from the eyes of an ant.


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