The 8 Struggles Only Comic Book Fans Can Relate To

Being a comic book fan isn’t a very easy game to play in the society.  given the fact that not everybody is a expert on comic books and movies that follow the amazing world.  as part of this niche we can relate to some particular challenges which comes with living a geeky comic book fans life.  in this interesting course we are going to cover the 7 struggles only comic book fans can relate to.  we hope you enjoy this post because this is dedicated to the community at amazing Geeks who enjoy our regular articles. So just scroll down and have a look !


You are so excited about comic book movies that your other friends have no clue about


There will be a big date announcement and a trailer release and you will go almost not raving about the plot lines and the big premise on which these comic book movies are based on.  While you are ready with your popcorn to the theatre you wonder why your other friends to waste the money on mushy romances and stupid action films.


You are mostly offended when your friends don’t understand your comic book analogies

So there will be a time where you will discuss why a particular character cannot lift Thor’s hammer.  and people surrounding you at the party have no idea what you are talking about.  sometimes when you are not in the majority even have to ship your opinion  and  and realise that the world is not that awesome.  You are offended when you are friends just don’t care about the great comic book fans analogies.


You find it hard to get the kind of social acceptance for your know how


Well this is a well known fact that despite the glory it brings us it is very difficult to find white social acceptance for your love of comic book movies.  They don’t come out every time but they are so good that they overshadow the excitement for all other films.  But sometimes you even have to make an excuse your girlfriend  and take out time with your friends.


Only you know the importance of Comic Cons And Cosplays

These are not just about comic books or entertainment.  there is so much dignity that comes by attending the comic con or at least watching the whole telecast on YouTube.  you get to be and play your favourite characters at cost place and also criticize your friends choice for a particular dress up.There is so much to this world that normal audience is unaware about.


You are offended by meaningless violence in other movies and candy dream about the great plotlines that come from comic book movies

You are always likely to be saving money for your favourite Marvel and DC movies. But you almost  do not get my other friends go out for freaking movies which are a bunch of CGI bombs going crazy on screen with a lot of violence.  because only you know the greatness of the Marvel and DC films which brings so much to the screen with meaning.


You are a geek at heart  and love to dig information

being a comic book fan comes at cost.  you just have to spend a lot of time for the love of it researching about the various story lines and variations in the comics.  Even comparing those which source material to the movies and other games gives you a lot of thrill.


You would even fight your life to prove to your friend that your favourite character can be their favourite character

This is probably the most fun part but it is also struggle.  there is a section of audience who believe that Superman can be Batman and another section that don’t.  And the equal likely arguments multiplied the number of characters present in the large Marvel and DC Universe.       


Going to the comic book store is more important than anything

Yeah this is the place to hang out if you were a comic books fan. You know you don’t even care about your social circle and what other people think when  it  comes to hanging out at your favourite comic book store.  Nothing can beat the trail of having yourself surrounded by the best series of your favourite characters at one roof.  

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