The 7 Insane Abilities Of The Iron Spider Costume That Will Amuse Spidey Fans

The Iron Spider costume as many people know was a gift from Tony Stark and was meant for Peter Parker. In the comics the Iron Spider costume has been very well utilized and was made by Tony using Stark tech as one would expect.. The costume was later abandoned by Spidey when he switched sides in Civil War events in comics. So far fans have only seen a sneak peak into the costume at the end of Spiderman Homecoming.

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Currently, the costume would be donned by Spidey in the events of upcoming Avengers : Infininity War later next year. Apart from the fact that the suit is made by Tony to Peter, not much is known about it. But we are here to help you, born out of your curiosity ” The 7 Insane Abilities Of The Iron Spider Costume” which will hopefully also be seen on the big screen soon enough.

The Ability To Get Spider Stingers – Spinnerette

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The suit utilizes some very sophisticated nano-crystal growth topology which enables our hero to use organic webbing as an extension to the suit. The stingers present on the costume also help Spider-Man a big deal to attack and combat enemies.

Mechanical Spider Arms – Waldoes

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Now this is something designed by Tony Stark, the genius himself. As you can see, apart from the Iron Man borrowed color scheme there are also some greatly beneficial mechanical upgrades to the Spider Man suit. They are built using mono-atomic Iron crystals which can grow upto 90 inches per second. What else is so cool about the “Waldoes” is that they have cameras fitted on the tips and can be used by Peter to see around the corners.

Enhanced Lenses

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The big large eyes are lenses fitted jsut rightly in the suit. They serve as a convenience and a relief function to Peter for real world viewing. It offers a panoramic real time experience to our hero as well as providing safety against various attacks.

Glider Device

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The glider device is another very useful function of the suit. It uses a mesh webbing on the arms which are also biodegradable. The webbing is fully under control in the suit allowing Spider Man to easily glide through the city if the situation demands it. Now it is natural to expect such insane abilities in the Iron Spider armour because Peter might have to survive some adverse situations when Avengers are pitted against Thanos!

Multi Functional Layers


The 17 layers in the suit provde full safety and durability to Spidey. The multi layers in the suit include Moisture Layer, Suit Tension Layer, Sensor Layer, Repair Layer, Emisison Control, Temperature Control and Conductivity Control. As seen in the Infinity War trailer, it also has some really cool lighting function too!

Titanium Chest Piece

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The Titanium chest piece looks like a defence mechanism but it is also a power enhancing add-on for Peter. It has plate batteries which exploit zero point energy which can produce for upto 1.2 kW at it’s peak. Now that would be a shocker for many who think that Spider Man is weak against the Avenger baddies. Applauds to Tony Stark for thinking of such great upgrades for Spidey.

Nuclear Mask Filter

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The Nuclear mask filter is the headgear for the costume. And obviously it has been built to take care of various situations such as filtering nuclear,biological and chemical attacks directed at it. Nwo that is very smart and thoughtful. We do not know how many of these upgrades owuld eb present in the cinematic version of the Suit but it is going to be a treat to watch Tom Holland using all these props against Thanos and his army. Do you agree guys ?? Let us know in the comments below !


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