The Scientific Reasoning Behind Indian Woman Ornaments Will Blow Your Mind

The Indian traditions and customs are very ancient and close to the society at large in the country. Most of the practices of Indian Woman and Men and are now recognized by the world. But have you ever wondered why such ancient practices are regarded even today. And a lot of things from the society are actually rooted with great significance and now in the modern society also have good scientific explanation. In this amazing post we will cover all the Indian Woman ornaments that have a scientific reasoning.

Maang Tika

The Maang Tika is placed on the forehead which controls the heat of the body. The place where an Indian Woman places it co-incides with the Ajna Chakra. The Chakra stands for the spiritual, emotional and physical union of the male and female.


Nose Ring

The Nose ring is a physical ornament with a biological significance for indian women. It is believed that the ring is to be worn on the left nostril. The node on the particular place in nose is linked to reducing period cramps in women. The nerves in the left region are linked to female reproductive system.



Silver which is worn in various ornaments also has a lot of advantages. The metal is believed to reduce knee pain and also bring relief to back related issues. Silver is also believed to increase strength of bones.



Gold is easily the personal favourite for all Indian households. But apart from it being a financial asset, it also has other benefits. It is said to reduce redness of the skin, reduce acne inflammation and bring about youth.


Paayal ( Indian Anklet For Feet )

The Paayal is also one of the most aesthetic ornaments and is worn by a large number of Indian Woman. It is said that there are various electric currents which run throughout the body and the anklet helps to calm down these waves.



Image result for mangalsutra wearing

Mangalsutra is a very sacred ornament which is the symbol of marriage and connection of a wife to her husband. It is actually an instruments that controls the blood pressure of the body and also helps prevent heart diseases for women. Even Bangles worn by women hel regulate heartbeat.



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The ring in the Indian culture is the symbol which tells that two souls have been connected. The ring is also worn in the finger that is connected to the nerves that lead straight to the heart. It is also considered auspicious for good health !



Image result for sindoor bride

Sindoor is Vermillion and it contains mercury. The mercury found n the sindoor helps maintains the pressure in the nerves of a woman’s head. It also helps improve the function of penal gland in Indian Women.


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