7 Must Watch South Indian Films That Will Blow Your Mind

The South Indian film score very high when it comes to the credibility of storylines and this is where you cannot trust so much on Bollywood. There have been many films from the south Indian films industry which have brought enjoyable and original scripts. Some movies not so surprisingly have been re-made by the Mumbai film industry. Here is a list of 7 South Indian Films Which Will Blow Your Mind. Here is our must watch list ( if you are not updated enough )


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Endhiran, also dubbed as Robot was a great break through for Indian films. Released 7 years ago, it was a great film on artificial intelligence, an experiment named Chitti and how the humanoid robot has the ability to feel human emotions and eventually going evil when misused by a scientist.



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It is touted as one of the most innovative and appreciated psychological thrillers from the Industry. It is dubbed as 1 : I am Alone. The lead role is played by Mahesh Babu who is schizophrenic and also hallucinates. After killing an imaginary person he realizes that he was real. He heads to London to find truth about himself and his dead parents.

Baahubali The Conclusion

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We would in fact mention both the films to be combined and seen as one whole movie. The SS Rajamouli film is the biggest blockbuster of Indian Cinema ( overlooking fake collections for Dangal ). The movie that revolves around Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, and Anushka Shetty is a treat to behold for cinema lovers.

Eega ( Makkhi )

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Nobody could have imagined that a revenge drama executed by a small fly could lead to such box office quakes of epic proportions. Eega is the story Of Jani coming back as Makkhi to avenge his murder and save the love of his life from Sudeep.


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Magadheera is yet another rebirth based epic which is also a love story. The movie captures more than one theme in perfect collaboration. Thaks to director SS Rajamouli we have many gems in the Indian Cinema.



I is also another thriller from Shankar which recreated the director’s imagination. The revenge drama revolves around Vikram who tries to get back to his enemies with a great plan in the form of a reformed beast. he wins over the heart of a supermodel as a struggling body builder.


24 is yet another science fiction film which is a great entertaining film The time travel based movie stars Suriya in a triple role. If science is your thing then you should watch this movie even if you do not try South Indian films.


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