These Internet Memes Featuring Pokemons Are Totally Owning Social Media !

Pokemon GO has been recorded as a great global phenomenon both with the series coming to life and the cool augmented reality coded into one app. Now thanks to Niantic Pokemons are a modern day phenomenon but with the edginess of the 90’s and also the nostalgia. There is a reason why these internet memes from the series are knocking the audience out of the door. And surely everyone enjoys having a good tie on social media with internet memes. So check out for yourself and decide. Let the fun begin !!


Because Ofcourse It Is Jessy And James Teaming Up !!

Source : 9gag

There is nothing that can beat the Team Rocket when it comes to failing everytime and uniting each other in the effort.

Haha Coz Charizard !


Haha Mr Mime Has His Own Space

We won’t even like to comment how that happened.

The Names Have Been There All Along !

Source : We Know Memes

Haha every wondered that for about the past 20 hours or so ??


The Funniest Pokemon Has A Name Inference

Hillarious ! As If Wobbuffet in itself wasn’t a funny name already ! Time to eat something right ??


When You Make Friends Near Pokemon Gyms At Parks


Happens ! Even if you do not know, someone is or will be watching out for ya !


Seriously !!



Credit Goes To The Netfilx Subtitles Team ???!!!?!!

Perhaps the poor chap probably said Geo-dude !! Netflix has to get everything right but hey we understand our pokemons !!


Pikachu I Am With You

Source : Hypun


Haha These Internet Memes Is Worth A Share

This one is the cutest meme on the list. Besides how often have you felt like calling your girlfirned Pikaa-Pikaa Pikachu ??


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