8 Lord Ganesha Symbols And What They Mean

Lord Ganesha has great significance in the Indian Culture and the Hindu Mythology. Today is celebrated as a very sacred day as Ganesha Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Indian God with an elephant trunk has a great impact on the Hindu religion and holds great significance. In this post, we will reveal the meaning and context of Lord Ganesha’s image and various body parts as everything has a meaning and lesson for Humans to learn.

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The Head

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The big head here is a sign of intellect. It also means to be able to think beyond limits and out of the box.

Large Stomach

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The big stomach is not merely a sign that has to be related to his love for food and nutrition. The large stomach stands for the ability of humans to digest the good and bad in life.


The Mouse

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The mouse is a symbolic representation which is very often associated with Ganesha. The mouse resting at his feet represents his desire and also the power to reach every nook and corner of the mind.

The Big Eyes

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The big eyes also signify the divinity of the God who is known to have an auspicious presence to take care of all the obstacles in mythology. The big eyes signify his ability to see beyond what humans can see.

The Ladoos/ Modaks

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The Ladoos for Lord Ganesha stands for the result of all the hard work that we endear. It means that result of our good deeds is always very sweet.

The Offerings Prasad

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Special offerings are present by the devotees on the ocassion of Ganesh Chaturthi. They signify the spirit of giving and sharing.


Large Ears

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The big ears in the image of Ganesha have a rather simplified significance. The big ears stand for the need of listening to others attentively.




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The axe held by Lord Ganesha has great spiritual symbolism. The axe testifies the truth that one must cut the bond of materialistic attachment.

Broken Tusk

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The broken tusk signifies that in order to gain wisdom one has to practice and go through some sacrifice. It also means that there is completeness in imperfection.

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