This is How Technology Can Cure Blindness ! A Miracle for Medical Science

  1. Well all we can say is that technology have made our lives easier. Our generation is totally addicted to gadgets, to an extent that we cannot imagine living without them. Sure we have started taking our blessings esstential to life for granted…. But what if i tell you that over dependance on technology can be a good thing ?? Maybe, not so.

Scientists have developed a mechanical eye that can send moving images to the brain via a chip. Not only that, a team of doctor’s have been successful in planting a visual simulator in a 30 year old woman’s brain.


After the implant the woman reported to have gained the ability to see flashes of color, spots and lines. The operation was performed at UCLA by the physicians. As a result the patient was able to recieve signals to her visual cortex, thus creating the miracle of sight. Dr Nader Pouratian explained the patient’s experience “The moment she saw color for the first time was a very emotional experience. It touched us all very deeply as human beings. Based on these results, this system has the potential to restore sight to the blind.”


To achieve this marvellus task, the doctors put a cut at the back of the skull of the lady and laid a stimulator on the surface of her brain. Also the stimulator was attached to a computer, which was then used to send moving images. Bionic eye can be seen as a pioneering technology in order to cure blindness, or atleast provide relief to people who wish to be able to see the world. The technology by the name of Orion uses a pair of glasses which are used to project images from a camera attached to it. The glasses also carry an antenna and are attached ot the computer.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, there are an estimated number of 285 million people who are visually imapaired and 39 million out of them are completely blind. This technology can be seen as nothing short of a revoloution in the world of medical science. It is expected that this technology will improve by leaps in the coming future. If this kind of technology is correctly propogated, it can bring color to millions across the world.

The potential of technology in the future of mankind hold’s a lot of promise. And this is a great example for that. If biologists learn to stimulate right centers of the brain, they might also be able to heal mental illnesses and come up for a solution for paralysis.


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