Top 10 Comic Book Based Superhero Relationships !!

Saving The World From Villain and mystic forces is quite a task. But every superhero is incomplete without a their better half. The fact that theses heroes have relationships makes their stories more relatable and interesting. This list can include various pop ups from movies, comic books and TV series. And this post would also assume villains and negative characters to be included in the list of superhero relationships :


Number 10 – Starfire and Dick Grayson

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Dick Grayson remains to be an underrated character as far as comic books are concerned. However his relationship with Starfire is what makes him stand out. They have been featured in the Teen Titans together and the female counterpart helps Grayson to become the superhero he is.


Number 9 – Jane Foster Thor

These two characters from the comics determine the standard for long distance relationships literally.  Jane Foster and cauer are two people who are from different worlds and still find a common ground when power is left on Earth due to his arrogance.  the to always conform to the standards of loyalty even when apart by lightyears.


Number 8 – Pepper Pots And Iron Man

This is one of the most unconventional  superhero relationships.  Pepper Potts is a no nonsense person  when it comes to dealing with Iron Man.  Tony Stark sense of responsibility and balance by Pepper Pots who is a more mature person in the relationship despite the differences both of them maintain the same love and affection towards each other.


Number 7 – Liz Sherman And Hellboy


The Hellboy relationship has been featured in the film series winners Liz Sherman and him have been just friends in the comic books. They both maintain an admirable sense of love for each other. They both work for the same squad. Hellboy has been shown to value Liz’s safety above all risking himself.


Number 6 – Catwoman And Batman

This is one of the more controversial relationships as Batman is known to be a billionaire casanova with multiple affairs. But no other Woman seems to have such control over Bruce Wayne as Catwoman. What makes them more interesting among the superhero relationships is that they both keep switching their alter egos and are still attracted to each other. Although the fact that Catwoman has criminal endeavours always interferes with Batmna’s sense of justice and conscience.


Number 5 – Jean Grey And Cyclops

Jean Gray and Cyclops seem to share one of the best romantic superhero relationships. Despite their differences in superpowers they get hitched. And even after loosing Jean, Cyclops never quite gets over her.


Number 4 – Sue Storm and Reev Richards

These 2 superheroes from Fantastic Four are the benchmark for loyalty. They both have been together even before they became superheroes. ( since 1961 from comics ). These two characters are inseparable from each other and make it to the list.


Number 3 – Harley Quinn And The Joker

Harley Quinn and The Joker seem to have the most controversial relationship in the DC Universe. While Joker seems to mostly disregard and abuse Harley Quinn, they both make up for a compatible crime duo against Batman.


Number 2 – Mary Jane And Spiderman

Although the first love in Peter’s life is Gwen Stacy but nothing seems to have caughten the fancy of Spider Man like Mary Jane Watson. Their relationship is often put to test with various ups and downs with both coming out and passing it. But Mary Jane has to often sacrifice in the equation due to Peter parker’s alter ego.


Number 1 – Lois Lane and Superman

There is nothing that has won over the audience setting the golden benchmark for superhero relationships. Featured over numerous films and comic book series Clark Kent and Lois Lane form the longest romance in comic book history. Their relationship is often a great plot point throughout the Superman franchise.

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