The 10 Baddest DC Comics Super Villains Of All Times !!

The DC Comics are known as much for their super villains as they are appreciated for their glorious superheroes. Most of the DC Comics Super Villains have already appeared from comics in some sort of cinematic outing to give an idea to all types of comic book fans. The DC movies are also known for their dark and gritty tone, therefore, it is very natural for them to have formidable villains and dark stories to support all the menace. In this list here is our take on the ” Top 10 DC Comics Super Villains”. Have a look by scrolling down.


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Doomsday is yet another bizarre experiment conducted on Krypton giving birth to the monster nemesis to Superman. Doomsday, unlike many experiments, is at the peak of genetic perfection being a rampaging destructive monster. Doomsday is so strong that he has successfully taken on Superman hand on hand and defeated him to death once. Only the fact that Superman return soon after.



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General Zod

Zod deserves a mention on the list for various reasons. A political figure on his planet, he took his rise in the system as an attempt to take over the world. General Zod shares same origins as the Man Of Steel hailing form Krypton. He is every bit as strong as Superman making him a tough rival to defeat. What adds to his evil liek any other of the super villains is that he believes to be doing everything for the greater good.


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Do not be fooled by the man and the muscle, Bane is actually incredibly smart and also very strong. He is so capable with combat that he has even once broken Batman’s back. He lives of an experimental drug called venom giving him his strength. Apart from being a lethal brute force, he is also an excellent strategist.

Lex Luthor

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Lex Luthor is one of the most powerful villains in comic book history. He is cold, ruthless and he is also a big billionaire. His ways of trying to gain absolute and total power put him in conflict with his greatest enemy Superman. his super intellect leads to his evil intentions materializing and is just the polar opposite of what Superman stands for.

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Brainiac is like s supercomputer that you wish that it wasn’t that smart. Brainiac considers entire universe as a laboratory. The more he learns about the world, the more dangerous he becomes.

Thaal Sinestro

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Thaal Sinestro was also interestingly originally a Green Lantern and is known to be a menace who is mean greedy and bossy. he later gets a yellow suit to his body which is said to be based on fear.


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Darkseid is probably the biggest and worst of all the DC Super Villains creating havoc. He is a remorseless and tyrannical ruler to the hellish world of Apocalypse. he is always on a quest to control all creatures on the Universe and for the very objective, Darkseid is after the anti-life equation in the comics. The mightiest of Heroes from Superman and members of Justice League have battled Darkseid who creates ripples of destruction on his mere sight.


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The Joker easily is the most deserving anti heroes on the list. His interesting equation with Batman and meancing merciles splans to take over Gotham make him the clown prince of crime. He takes the term crazy to a whole new level and is also the most iconic comic book characters. His irrational missions creating chaos and huge amounts of insanity make him a formidabble villain for Batman and every hero in the DC comics.


Ras Al Ghul

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Ras Al Ghul is one of the deadliest and clever super villains to the Dark Knight. He heads an underground network of trained assassins and the bring is said to be centuries old. His evil intentions are always a point of concern for Batman, with Ras Al Ghul wanting to destroy the world.


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Catwoman is the most interesting Batman villains for the very fact that even Batman fails to understand her. She is both a love interest and a foe to Bruce Wayne. She is a cat burglar who is also capable of heroic deeds. She is a special comic book character who blurs the difference between good and evil and is dangerous for the very reason. The role of Cat Woman played by Michelle Pfeiffer remains a fan favorite.

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