Top 10 Differences Between DC & Marvel Comics Studios

As is clearly evident from all the major comic book film the two major players in the superhero content industry comprises of DC and Marvel Comics. Fans recognize both DC and Marvel for their distinct style of storytelling, characters and superhero motivations.

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Of course, there are many similarities between the two brands one being both comic book superhero entertainers. Interestingly there are many differences that separate two different comic book universes from each other. Here are the major differences between DC and Marvel Comics :

Marvel Has More Superhero Teams

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Although both the comic book versions have tried the superhero team-up formula with Justice League and The Avengers. Marvel has more popular team-ups like Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Has More Frequent Events Than DCEU

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With Captain America Civil war changing the line of events for MCU, there is also Avengers Infinity Wars and other movies. With marvel comics also many frequent events changing the course of settings and character situations. In DC comics these events are more far off and evenly spread.

DCEU Have A Darker Undertone

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This is the most obvious difference and no brownie points for guessing this one. DCEU movies have a dark undertone and tend to take them too seriously. Marvel, on the other hand, has a light treatment throwing humor here and there. With characters like Deadpool and Spiderman Marvel does not always take a dark serious take in storytelling.

DC Has Better Animated Features

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The major difference in DC and Marvel is that the DC guys have their animated featurette series figured out. There are many classic examples like Batman The Killing Joke, Flashpoint etc for this case. Marvel has classic outings like Spiderman animated and X-Men animated 90’s series but they are far behind DC in content quality for animated movies.

Marvel Has The Movie Universe Figured Out

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Now all the people reading this post are like, Hey! We saw this coming. The MCU has all the movies lined up and planned in advance while the DCEU is still struggling with quick reboots and second-guessing decisions ( solo Batman film ).

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