Top 10 Differences Between DC & Marvel Comics Studios

DC Comics Has More Stand Alone Stories

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The DC Studios might lag behind in utilizing the cinematic opportunities but the comic book creative department has a lot more frequent solo titles such as the Arkham Asylum and more solo superhero titles for comic book fans.

DCEU Has Fictional Locations, MCU Is Set Up In Real Places

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This is something that maybe not everyone has noticed but the geeks and nerds will point out. Marvel Universe is focused in real-life locations such as New York, Africa and references from real countries. While you would see DC events take place in fictional cities such as Gotham, Metropolis, and Central City.

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Marvel Deals With More Real Daily Issues

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It is all about relativity for Marvel movies and comics. You would see superheroes like Spidey have problems with jobs, high school, and money while the X-Men and the Avengers will sometime deal with themes related to politics and racism. Have you ever Clark Clark Kent having any work related stress or Bruce Wayne not having enough money to fund his projects ??

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