Top 8 Most Fascinating Swimming Pools In The World

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Everbody likes travelling, hotels, resorts and exotic locations. But remember you cannot have a successful trip without a great dive in the pool. Even if you are not travelling very far, swimming pools are the best place to find peace and even meaning into life. So if you are already into the conversation, you can have a look at Top 10 Swimming Pools In The World.


  1. Dallas – The Joule Hotel Pool

Image result for joule hotel pool


2.  Greece  – Amirandes Grecotel, Exclusive Hotel

Image result for Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Crete, Greece

3. Mexico – Capella Pedregal Resorts

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Top 10 Marvelous Pools in the World


4. Thailand – Sarojin Khao Lak

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5. Reeti Rah – Maldives

Image result for reethi rah maldives


6. Kainkini Hotel Santorini Greece

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7. Mardan Palace Antalya Turkey

Top 10 Marvelous Pools in the World

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8. Katikies Hotel Santorini Greece

Top 10 Marvelous Pools in the World






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