Top 10 Major Avengers Infinity Wars Theories Unraveled For MCU Fans

Alright, now the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven to get pretty big with a streak of successful solo and multi-star team up films based on the Marvel comics. With so many memorable movies and characters, the MCU has totally connected with the audience with superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Man, Black Panther, Thor and the Hulk. Out of all big projects the Infinity Wars third part of the Avengers movies is creating the maximum buzz.

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It seems like Marvel studios have gotten every single thing right with their storytelling and movies. Now the Avengers Infinity Wars builds up to be the most anticipated fanboy franchise of all times with big baddie Thanos taking over the Avengers. Apart from the Avengers, the Infinity Wars storyline is going to be a big event. Not wasting further time we will discuss our take on “10 Major Avengers Infinity Wars Theories Unraveled FOr MCU Fans” in the awesome post here below!

# 1 New Captain America

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Now that everyone knows that Steve Rogers has shunned his shield by leaving it at the end of Captain America Civil War. Now he no longer holds the American flag on his outfits and is deemed as Captain Nomad. After major events of Avengers Infinity Wars Captain, America might die ( as in comics Captain died in the end of Civil War ) and the mantle might be passed on to many of the contenders. Falcon, Bucky etc all have been close allies to Steve Rogers remain an equal contender to be the new Captian America. Many characters have donned this title already in the comics so this theory comes as no surprise to the fans!


# 2 Dead Characters Coming To Life

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Now with so many infinity stones and Thanos fighting it out with the Avengers, the reality stone will also be exploited. There is a theory which explores the possibility of dead characters in the MCU coming to life. Thanos might try to emotionally unstabilize his rivals by getting their love ones pitted against them in battle back from the dead. There are likes of QuickSilver, Yondu and the Ancient One who might make a comeback in the mega two-part film.


# 3 Spiderman In New Suit – Iron Spider

This is the most obvious and easy to judge theory given the fact that the Iron Spider costume has been teased towards the end of Spiderman Homecoming. Also, the teaser of the film screened at D23 Comic-Con clearly shows Spidey in the Iron Spider costume. The armor will give Peter a whole new set of abilities required to tackle the likes of Thanos with the Avengers team.


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# 4 Tony Wears The Arc Reactor Again

Not much has been known about what Tony Stark goes through before the events of the movie but it is clear that he will sport the arc reactor in his chest again. Some on the sets pictures of the star on the sets of Infinity Wars clearly show him with the arc reactor impression and also his new suit might have that. SO this means that Tony will get the arc reactor back in his chest after it was removed in Iron Man 3!

# 5 New Avengers

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This is an obvious fan theory given the fact that most of the major star contracts with the MCU is coming to an end after the mega-budget franchise. ALso there are a lot of new characters which will be introduced in the two part movies namely Captian Marvel and many others. With the events changing and doing of many of the Avengers characters Marvel will revive the MCU with fresh heroes such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant Man and Falcon to form new Avengers team.

# 6 Vision Will Die Or Might Turn Human!

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Thanos will make an entry to the Earth in a view to obtain all of the Infinity Stones. For this reason, Vision might be a target by Thanos who has the mind gem embedded in his forehead. Woth Thanos extracting all the 6 Infinity stones, Vision might not survive after the aftermath and getting departed from the mind stone. This will be a really sad situation because Vision is a righteous andro humanoid who fights for humanity without even being a part of it. But you need not loose heart because according to a very similar theory the Vision might even turn to a human. A similar in the set picture showed us Amanda Maximoff wit the human version of Paul Bettany the actor kissing Wanda Scarlet WItch in Avengers shoot.

# 7 Tony’s Vision Comes True In Infinity Wars

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Wanda Aka Scarlett Witch appeared first in Avengers Age Of Ultron and stors soem of the biggest fears out of Tony Stark and team. In that movie Tony has a vision where he sees the members of teh Avengers helpless and left dying. Tony almost walsk through a scene which looks liek a set up for somethign bigger, maybe a glimpse of the future with the evasion of Thanos!

# 8 The Presence Of Two Infinity Gauntlets

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The importance of the Infinity Gauntlet is well known to the comic book fans and therefore it will also play an important role in the infinity Wars storyline. As per many onlookers, the second Infinity Gauntlet has been spotted in Asgard in one of the scenes of Thro The Dark World. So the first gauntlet with Thanos, the second gauntlet might be used by one of the superheroes to fight against Thanos by obtaining infinity stones. Now that would be a treat to watch!

# 9 Baron Mordo Is Pivotal To The Plot To Beat Thanos

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In one of the training scenes of Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo talks about the relics and powerful magic they contained. As per him, some spells are so powerful that they have ot allocate an object called a relic to contain all these powers. The power is tapped from the theliving tribunal which is the God of Justice and balance in the MCU. This trick possessed by Mordo trick will be very useful in the Infinity Wars story arc to defeat the Thanos. Thanos is a powerful being, therefore, some help with the magic could be very helpful in taking the big baddie down!

# 10 Scarlet Witch Turns Against Avengers

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The theory surrounding the Scarlet witch turning against the Avengers will be the most interesting plot twist given that it happens. Wanda Maximoff was first introduced as an anti-hero who hates Tony Stark in Age Of Ultron. She became a part of the Avengers in the movie but was only later split in the events of Captian America Civil War against Team Iron Man. She has lost her brother and gets imprisoned violating the Sokovia Accords. Also her stand regarding her tragedies has not been explored yet. This might mean that Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch might be the second villain in the film. She will also be the second most powerful, next to Thanos creating a havoc in Avengers Infinity War.


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