5 Powers You Did Not Know Ant Man Had !!

Ant Man is a relatively ew entry to the Avengers but he is a really established character with his own solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also an awesome fight scene cameo in 2016’s Captain America : Civil War. Scott Lag is the current impersonation of the hero while Hank Pym was the original inventor and identity of the same form. Here are some powers you did not know Antman had ! Check them out !!

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We can tell you that even we were surprised. To keep it generic we care considering both the version of Scott Lang and Hank Pym for reference to the character development. Check These out.

Enhanced Durability

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You might think that Ant Man might not be so effective as he shrinks to a small size. Well it should be a noteworthy science fact that the mass density of Ant Man does not change when he becomes really small in size. In fact when Scott Lang shrinks using pym particles his density is amplified manifold at fraction of the size. That is why he was an equal level to Yellow Jacket but he took down the guards without any effort.

Can Enter Other Plains Of Existence

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The Pym particles or the sub atomic particles enables the user to gain or lose mass on will. But what we do not know that key to this change is in alternate dimensions. 99% of his mass is extra dimensionally shut / toned down. The alternate reality is a Universe in itself, as a plain of existence which is one of many. It is called the micro-verse ( a quantum realm where time and space are irrelevant )


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Shrinking in size means that Scott Lang can communicate at lower volumes audible not to everyone. He is an enhanced being who uses technology for the same. A helmet was developed especially for Ant Man using rudimentary tech.



Hank Pym as in the original Ant Man can be credited with various inventions and is no less then Tony Stark. In fact in the comics it was Pym who invented Ultron. He even invented Pym particles that helped him access the extra dimension to enable his powers. He also invented growth of synthetic stem cells in humans to enable insect like organs such as the Wasp’s wings. His legacy can be seen in the comics and in the films with many of his inventions helping the Avengers, Scott Lang and Doctor Strange.


Flying And Combat

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He might have a problem to travel great distance but did you know he can fly on ant’s backs and go form one place to another without getting detected. This can be a great strategic advantage as it is faster then running. Ant Man can have a really unique fight strategy as well. He can continuously shrink in size and grow back punching, kicking and twisting his enemies. Scott Lang had to learn a lot of combat skills from Hank Pym and original Wasp before he donned the mantle of the hero.


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