Top 10 Things Superhero Films Got Right And Fans Will Agree

Mostly superhero films are known to have an extra edge over all types of fantasy films for the rich comic books history and origin stories for the most powerful fictional characters. There are always times when the comic book movie makers face a lot of criticism for the decisions they make. In this list, however, we would explore some great 10 things that Superhero Films got right!


Guardians Of The Galaxy 70’s Music

While James Gunn had the idea to keep the 70’s soundtrack for his first Guardians Of Galaxy movie the executives at Marvel were skeptical about it. However keeping in tone with the movie, the soundtrack borrowed from retro hits topped all the radio charts and brought commercial success to the movies.

Batman’s Origins

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We have been told about Batman’s tragic origins following his parent’s death but none fo the movies does it like Nolan does it in his Batman Begins series. The origin story focuses on character development on Bruce Wayne meaning much more than his personal loss as a motivation to fight crime. Nolan does justice to his share in making superhero films.

Captain America Theme And Ideology 

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The fascinating thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how they handle and portray different characters. The most noteworthy thing that they got right is the theme and undertone in the Captain America films. The character’s conflict with the government and the motivation for Steve Rogers always doing the right thing has been quite evident in the Winter Soldier and Captain America Civil War.

The Batman And Joker Relationship In The Dark Knight

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Unquestionably the most loved arc of Nolan movies is the relationship that Batman and the Joker share. Apart from having polar opposite ideologies, Batman and Joker are found to have a lot in common like two sides of the same coin.

Wonder Woman Intro

Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman is the most well-received decision done by the DC brand of superhero films. Despite Batman V Superman getting an underwhelming critical reception, the intro scene featuring Wonder Woman was highly praised as well as the performance by Gal Gadot in short duration of time.


J Jonah Jameson Played by JK Simmons

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The Spiderman trilogy did a lot of things right, one of them was casting J.K. Simmons as J Jonah Jameson. His take on the character has been loved by the audience as the head of Daily Bugle trying to demean Spiderman in the eyes of the world and yet looking hilarious.

Deadpool Breaks The Fourth Wall

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The first Deadpool moving with Ryan Reynolds has been hugely successful because the movie never takes itself seriously. The fact that Deadpool breaks the fourth wall further adds to the entertainment quotient of the film.

Robert Downey Jr Is Iron Man

The fact that Robert Downey Jr shares a similar backstory to Tony Stark makes it even easier for the audience to believe that this guy is Iron Man. The character is also responsible for kick-starting the MCU with great commercial and critical success.

Spiderman’s Motivation In Spiderman

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Sam Raimi does a lot of things right with his series of Spiderman Superhero films. One of them is the motivation that Peter Parker’s character takes up to stand up for the greater good despite his tragic past and problematic personal life.

Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

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When it comes to X -Men films, Hugh Jackman has always stood out with his performance as Wolverine. He has delivered time and again becoming the saving grace of the franchise.


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