7 Reasons Transformers Movies Don’t Click With The True Fans Anymore

The Transformers remains one of the most iconic memories of our childhood via the animated show and the movie. It has everything that a comic book fan can ask for. The Michael Bay movies are very much acceptable by the american standards but it still fails to click with the audience.

The original series contains many of the iconic characters but somehow we can see that it does not translate on the big screen. It can be seen as even the recently released Transformers : The Last Knight has received terrible reviews and remains a low performer at the box office. There are many reasons to that. Here is our take on “5 Reasons Transformers Movies Don’t Click With The True Fans” :

1. Mindless Explosions and Shaky Action Sequences

Sure Transformer fans from world over and many from the 90’s cartoon series expect action packed premises with a lot of punch and force but somehow it does not translate to the movies so well. The Michael Bay films indulge in a lot of explosions which do not serve as an entertainment quotient. The destruction scenes are mindless and the shaky action sequences do not help the case either. They don’t click only owing to bad direction and lack of emotional connect.

2. Poor Screenplay

The Transformer movies are the perfect example of how to commercialize a big franchise with big budget. But the poor screenplay is simply not engaging and does not help the case either. The 1986 Transformer movie was much more engaging and had a lot of good characterizations to keep the fans hooked.


3. Humans Take Pivotial Role In The Story

Unlike how the Transformers movies should be, Michael Bay films concentrate more on the human characters that lack depth. Autobots and Decepticons remained the main essence of the series and these movies fail to establish that. It would be more interesting for the fans to see how minicorns and Autobots created effective fight strategies against the Decepticons.


4. Immature Humour

The Transformers movies introduce a lot of annoying characters with an unimpressive cheeky humour. The cheap humour used in the movies is plain distracting from the real theme of the movie. A real comic book fan would be more interested in Transformers Universe stroylines.

5. Optimus Prime Lacks The Iconic Presence

The reason why all the 90’s kids used to love Transformers was the iconic presence that Optimus Prime has. And the equation he had with the Autobots was also something not to be missed. Sadly the modern movies glamorize action and our real hero Prime gets lost somewhere in the shallow plot lines.

6. Too Much American Patriotism

There have been many online polls and trolls about the number of American flags you spot in the films. The director gives far too much importance of romanticizing American Patriotism with a lot of plot thrown in about the government and the army. We could surely avoid that !

7. Misses The Autobots Vs Decepticons Charm

As we can see that too much of unimportant things take a forefront in the movie it lacks the charm of the original source material. The Autobots and Decepticons always had an agenda with carefully woven strories and fight strategies. Minicorns used to form some special weapons needed to be used in the strategic fights by both the Cybertron races. That was one hell of a convincing backbone for the franchise which the mocies seem to miss.

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