7 Unknown Facts About The Justice That Every DC Fan Must Know

Justice League is one of the oldest superhero teams to have existed in the comic books and also later taken to animated series.  the franchise had gotten big over the years with a lot of changes and updates.  most of the updates are not known to people were relatively new to the comic book world.  the Classic superhero team is one of the most famous DC series of all times.  it is also ready to get a feature phone in the coming months.  now before that we would like you to read about the best unknown facts about the superhero team that will surprise you.  So scroll down and have a look for yourself !


Zack Synder’s Version of Feature Film is Inspired by The New 52 Comics

Everything that Zack Synder does right from the Man of Steel to inspiration for the death of Superman to Justice league is an adaptaton of the new 52 comics. Superman’s costume is also inspired by the same comics and even the details such as the angry tone of the films.


They Are Indirectly Responsible For Creating Fantastic Four And Avengers

The Justice League had a caught a lot of popularity in the comic books and also lead to creation of other DC teams. Even at that time Marvel wanted to take advantage of the formula and Stan Lee came up with Fantastic Four. In the process Stan lee also later created The Avengers.


They Have Fought In Team Up To Avengers

In the 2003’s crossover comics Avengers had teamed up with the Justice League in the crossover comics. Later the team as split due to editorial and creative differences. In the 70’s also crossovers were a great formula.

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Justice League Has 8 Animated Movies and 2 Animated Series

Justice League has found a lot of success in the animation format unlike their live action appearances. The 8 animated movies the superheroes starred in were all non theatrical.Justice League : Flashpoint Paradox is also a highly rated film inspired by the new 52 comics. They also had 2 animated shows with following


Wonder Woman Once Left The Justice League And Rejoined After Proving Herself

There are few editions in the comics Where The Wonder woman has actually left the Justice League team after she lost her powers,  then she started her own Fashion Boutique.  after regaining her powers the Princess of Therimca Wanted to prove her worth to rejoin the team.  she insisted going through deadly tasks in order to regain her position as a team member.


A George Miller Justice League Film Was In The Works in 2008

even before the DC extended universe was conceived George Miller was considered by the studio to direct the movie but with a different cast. Armie hammer Was even considered for the role of Batman And DJ Cortana was considered for the role of Superman.


There Was Only Justice Society Of America in 1940’s With The Flash, Atom And Green Lantern

Contrary to the popular belief The Justice League was not the first superhero team ever to appear in the comics.  the first superhero team was a DC effort which had many members such as the Flash, Aquaman, Sandman and the Spectre.

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