11 Upcoming Movies In The Comic Book Movies Genre Will Keep Fans Fixed To Their Seats

The comic books and have already enjoyed a delightful cinematic experience from the recent hits coming from the DC and marvel production houses.  Wonder Woman solo movie and Captain America civil war of some of the most prominent recent examples of the cinematic peace coming setting up mpre excitement for upcoming movies.  Now the world is preparing for even better and bigger sequels coming from the DC and Marvel comic stories at the box office.  fans have never been so excited With these promising upcoming projects.  where is a list of  Upcoming Movies in the comic book genre which will keep comic book fans blue to their seats :

Thor Ragnarok 27 October 2017


Thor Ragnarok  is going to be the third part of the  trilogy based on the Thor solo forms and also one of the most awaited upcoming movies for 2017.  The movie will mark many important events such as the end event of Asgard.  it will also follow planet Hulk story line in exciting fashion.


Justice League 17 November 2017

The Justice League is the first team of them from the DC Comics.  the big franchise is yet to make its presence felt given the fact that the Avengers are already a box office hit.


Black Panther 9 February 2018


the black panther movie will see Chadwick Boseman  reprise the role of the king of Wakanda as the Black Panther.  it will be interesting to see how Marbles impressive black superhero  proves his mettle after his appearance in Captain America civil war.

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New Mutants April 13 2018

the new Mutants movie The Launch many new characters from Marvel Comics.  it is an ambitious outing from the fox Studios trying to establish  their presence after X-Men Apocalypse.


Avengers Infinity Wars 26 April 2018


The Avengers Infinity war marks as the most exciting showdown where all the marble big is asset to battle the biggest baddest super villain thanos.  thanos is in a quest to find all the Infinity stones  and destroy  the existence of universe.

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Deadpool 2 June 1 2018

Deadpool 2 is a much awaited movie for Marvel comic book fans as the first part of the film was an underdog which came out to be a surprise hit.  Ryan Reynolds is said to the prices role as Deadpool and you will also see table from the future teaming up with him.


Ant Man And The Wasp 26 June 2018

ant-man and the WASP  is said to be a sequel to ant man.  The Marvel Comics superhero has impressed the audience with nanotechnology and the unique cinematography  adapted adopted in the first part.  You will see the female superhero the Wasp join Atmna in the movie.


Venom Movie October 5 2018

The Venom movie is an ambitious routing by Sony trying to launch their most popular supervillain.  apparently Tom Hardy has already been tested to play role of the venom symbiote.  the movie might even get some characters from the MCU ( like Tom Holland Spidey ) given that Sony has had a tie up with the studio.


Aquaman 21st December 2018

Aquaman is said to be the stand alone film what the DC Justice League member. Jason Mamoa is said to play the character  after he makes his  first appearance in the Justice League film.


Captain Marvel 8th March 2019

Captain Marvel as described by Kevin Feige is the most powerful Marvel superhero 2 date.  Captain Marvel is the alter ego of Carol Danvers. The role is said to be played by Brie Larson  who is an Oscar winning actor.


Avengers Infinity Wars Sequel 26 April 2019

The Avengers Infinity war sequel is said to come out by 26 April 2019.  it will be the most awaited franchise conclusion given the fact that it is the biggest budget film for Marvel to date. The conclusion will follow as a sequel to 2017’s Avenger’s Infinity Wars and expects high pace action with Thanos building up a havoc in the MCU. It will be the most exciting upcoming movies from Marvel till date.


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