War Machine vs Cyborg !! Put Your Stake On One

War Machine Vs Cyborg we have it !! War Machine well is a very sophisticated variation of the Iron Man armor which was handed over to Colonel James Rhodes ( Rhodey ). Now we can see that this is a Marvel character which has its own skill set. Do not forget that Rhodey is also a highly trained pilot in the US defense forces. While Cyborg is from the DC Universe a very skilled enhanced human whose half body is made from mechanical metallic parts.


Cyborg Powers And Abilities

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  • Superhuman Strength and Durability
  • The super speed ability
  • The power of flight
  • Sonic Cannon of white energy
  • Finger Mounted Laser to target enemies
  • Grappling wire


War Machine Powers And Abilities

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  • Flight
  • Super Strength and Durability
  • Weaponry and Repulsor Blasts
  • Strategic Bombing Experience

War Machine Vs Cyborg

If ever War Machine vs Cyborg battle was to take place, it would be a nail biting fight of epic proportions. War Machine And Cyborg both will have no problem when it comes to flying a battle and using their abilities while shooting each other in the air. Now cyborg has a great technology and has been a part of the Teen Titans and the Justice League. And even War Machine was partly a service to US Army and also to the Avengers in the Civil War battle, so both would have some experience.When it comes to weaponry, the War Machine is even ahead to the Iron man suit. Cyborg, on the other hand, has just the abilities to make it to the battle.

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Even if both of them go head to head combat, Rhodey can finish it with a repulsor blast. And the Cyborg might try to stop Rhodey with the Sonic cannons and might succeed for a few seconds. But if it comes to power than we think that War Machine will take it to victory.


Winner: War Machine

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