Why Krishna’s Wisdom Is So Relevant Even In These Modern Times

It is often very surprising that there are teachings from mythology which often compliment and even outnumber the standards set up by our modern philosophies. If you have been following Bhagavda Geeta for a while then you would know how significant these teachings are.

Krishna is not only an image built in the likeness of God, Krishna is also the lead element if you understand Modern Spirituality from the point of view of an Indian. Quoting him from Bhagvada Geeta he points out himself and exclaims :

“I am the conscience in the heart of all creatures
I am their beginning, their being, their end
I am the mind of the senses,
I am the radiant sun among lights
I am the song in sacred lore,
I am the king of deities
I am the priest of great seers…”

Lord Krishna is regarded as the most powerful incarnation of Vishnu in the holy book of Gita. Lord Vishnu is one of the prime three deities regarded as the preserver of existence itself. Also he is regarded as the most popular, closest to hearts of the people among all Hindu deities. The reason why Krishna is so relatable because he has opened the gateways for people to relate to God as someone to be considered your own. He can be anything you want him to be – a friend, a mentor, as your hero a teacher or as your supreme creator.


Now various professors and historians regard Krishna to be living on Earth in the period between 3200 BC and 3100 BC. Apart from being a cultural and mythological legend, Krishna is also the pioneer of modern spirituality. Krishna is a deity who celebrates the miracles of life as much as he values the presence of a non physical universe. He is the perfect blend of spirituality and human life.

He is who is present in all the things. Also the reason why Krishna is so relatable is that he explains himself in all the things, but you can look at him without labeling him in everything you see. The thing that goes beyond all religious dogmas is that even if you forget about Krishna, he is still there. Your life will still be governed by the creative forces given by him to the world and you don’t even know about it. But even when you miss the point, you never seem to miss it. When you start recognizing his presence and will in the paradigm of your 3 dimensional life, he will re-appear. But nothing changes.

That is the magic and beauty if you would like to understand the creator. You can call him anything – Allah, Krishna or Christ. But his divine presence will remain the central plot in your existence. But you do not even have to acknowledge it. Our well being is in very good hands, even if you know it or not. But if you want to experience core spirituality, you can turn to Krishna and life will be much more meaningful.

You can blame him for your failures, but he will seldom give up on you. But even if you don’t look upto him, there is no punishment for it, only late realization. And it does not even matter what you call him, in his essence you will know. If you believe in him, good for you but even if you don’t he won’t mind, you will look for him in everything and not even know it. To him, there is nothing serious about life – it is a play of form ( a form of leela ). He is the observer and the observed. The perfect link between the world of form and the formless. Does not matter what you path you take, you will find him if you want to.


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