This Is Why Marvel’s Spiderman Homecoming Is Going To Be Really Special For Fans

Woah, we hope you enjoyed our last post, Why Spiderman Homecoming is the best way MCU Could Get Spidey Back and yes guys we are very glad with your response for the same. The third trailer form the brand new teen superhero movie is out and we are nothing less then excited. Marvel has never failed to amaze, and they are once again proving it with the best possible treatment to their new hero. First introduced in Captain America : Civil War, this Spiderman is based in just the center of Marvel Cinematic Universe. We just love how we get to see the MCU from the eyes of a teenager. Marvel is pretty smart,in the very first opening scene of the trailer you get to see Peter Parker video-taping the events from his very first Avengers outing. You can check out the third trailer here :

Here are also 5 Reasons Why We Think That Spiderman Homecoming Is Really Special For Fans


1. Spidey’s Get’s A Brand New Tech Suit

In an another trailer from Marvel entertainment cut, we get to see that the new Spiderman suit is equipped with a Jarvis like A.I. assisistant which says ” Good evening Peter, we’ve got 576 possible we shooter combinations”. Well that keeps it pretty Spiderman like, but with a marvel style tech upgrade from non other than Tony Stark !!


2.  Teenager Spiderman Has A Way To Tackle Issues

The Peter from Spiderman homecoming is set up straight in high school, going by the current Marvel movie timelines, and we feel that it is a really good thing. You get all the high school trademark jokes, for example where Peter remarks ” I stole his shield” while talking about Captain America. Although we have seen two different franchises from Spiderman, Marvel manages to keep it very real and still give you a fresh approach.

3. Iron Man/  Tony Stark Is The New Uncle Ben !!

You also get a few references from the trailer where Tony Stark is counselling Peter, something that reminds us of his equation with Uncle Ben. Also we get a indirect referral to that, where Tony Stark tells Peter “It’s not a hug, I m just grabbing the door for ya”. It also gives you a reference of how much Peter needs a father figure. We get that this movie has got it’s heart in right place and we see some smart scripting here. Liek we have Tony Stark dealing with guilt from the aftermath of Sokovia leading to a young science students’s death and he plays a mentor to Peter later in Captain America Civil War.

4. Still Based On Avenger’s Aftermath, Vulture Makes it Even More Special

Spiderman Home Coming is very special because, the storyline unlike the previous Spiderman outings is very much aware of it’s Marvel origins and other superheroes, Peter Parker is surrounded by. Also we think that Vulture is one of the best spider super villains who carves out a plan with gadgets from the aftermath of New York alien attack in the first avengers film. So the movie gets a lot of Chittori weapons and ofcourse, the Vulture’s tech suit made from scrap !! Really cool.


5. Marvel Gets The Best Possible Take On Spiderman Homecoming

You got the best you get from the spidey movie, inspite of being an exclusive outing, it retains all the amazing elemetns of a spiderman movie. It ha got action, it has got humour, it has got a more then conventional storyline, and despite getting Iron Man in a cameo, Peter gets to saves the day. Also must mention is the face that, Peter is still a geek, just based in a technically advanced Marvel Universe !


This is not a movie review, just keeping in mind the previous response, tried inspecting about the same, we hope you guys appreciate. Very grateful to my readers in India and abroad. We welcome feedback on You can also follow us on facebook and twitter. Till then, have a great time geeks !



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