Why Pokemon Go Is The Only Profitable Example For Augmented Reality So Far

The world has seen a lot many changes in the recent years. Augmented reality is also one such fact of today’s progressive world. But there is no other phenomenon like Pokemon Go when it comes to augmented reality reality based gaming.


The iPhone and Android app from Niantic has taken the world by storm as it turns out. It has liberated various pokemon go fans out of their homes and brought them to streets hunting for pokemons. The augmented reality based game requires the user to use his location with GPS tracking to hunt various pokemons in the real world. When you find a Pokemon on the game’s map then your augmented reality based camera is switched on.

Then you can not only spot but also catch pokemon with the pokeball stalk stored in your bag. You guys also have various gyms installed at famous places throughout the city. The coding in the game is very advanced as comapred ot games found today. It is one of a kind example of success in it’s genre. The game is still going strong but the surprising fact is that  there no other example after Pokemon go to find such a big success. There are many factors which make Pokemon Go so appealing

  • The Nostalgia created by the world of Pokemon which unites kids from the 90’s and modern generation alike
  • The clever placement of Pokemons according to types of Fire, Grass, Water, Electric etc
  • The unique spawn rates of Pokemons which makes the Pokemon unpredictable
  • The fact that you have to go out places and interact with the realy world takes out the boredom from the game
  • You are motivated to walk for long distances to hatch various eggs


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