Will Ultron Make A Comeback In Avengers Infinity War ??

Well Ultron remains one of the most menacing villains as far as is pre-comic book history is concerned. Everyone who is a animated series fan know that Ultron had much more potential then he was pitched so for his own movie. Nevertheless, back to the recent baddie Thanos in upcoming Avengers Infinity War. Some users on quora apparently have been speculating the return of Ultron in the final concluding chapters of Avengers 4.

Here are some takeaways we got from the second Avengers Age Of Ultron movie :

  • Ultron is an Artificial intelligence based programme with limitless potential and access to pretty muc all te internet data in the world
  • He believed that in order to survive, humanity had to evolve but in turn it was Ultron’s plan to kill off whole of human race
  • Ultron took over Tony’s best AI intelligence server  J.A.R.V.I.S
  • He was created by Tony and Bruce Banner in an attempt to preserve peace but turned the experiment against the Avengers.
  • A fan theory suggests that Ultron has some really suspicious origin story in the Age Of Ultron, meaning that Marvel has left more scope for this AI ultra villain!

Apart from that a lot of Ultron material as been teased in the latest Spider man MCU outing. It clearly means that Ultron is still very much a part of the MCU. It is also a well known fact that Marvel is often very secretive about their movies and plot line. The current movie Universe has also monotonously expanded after the exit of Ultron. It will be very interesting to see many of our heroes such as Spidey and others to take various unworldly threats.

Besides nobody knows what Thanos has for plan in his kitty. But dealing with so many threats, it would add an extra surprise element if Ultron makes a comeback in Avengers Infinity War. It will also be rewarding for fans who were rather disappointed for Ultron’s potential as a villain.


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