Who Will Win If Pikachu Was Pitted Against Thor ?? The Answering Is Amusing !!

Pikachu is almost the face of Niantic which is having a dream run with Pokemon Go and other games. Despite the hype, Pikachu is a very fun and real character. Pikachu is in popular opinion and has been pitted against none other than God Of Thunder Thor. Now Thor has a hammer and can strike lightning bolts too. In turn, Pikachu can also use Thundershocks and Thunderbolts.



Now If you think that Pika-chu is weak when it comes to fighting the God of Thunder then you are also mistaken. Pika-chu has pretty quick swift movies and he does not run on batteries. Even if Thor gets close to the cute little thing, they both are equals in fighting. Now let us remind you Pika-chu has the ability to annihilate a growing multi-verse hole with thunder shock. We bet Thor can deal with that, but even if Thor strike shim with lightning, Pikachu will absorb it and as a result will grow stronger. Now, this does not seem to be the dealbreaker but the truth is that Pikachu will be a worthy rival to Thor. Or even better if we imagine both of them together ( with Pikachu on Son Of Din’s shoulders (, they can make for a very lethal team.


Verdict: Pika-chu will be the stronger surviving member. but none of them would be killed.


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You can also very well be imagining what would have happened if Loki had Pika-chu as his pet ?? They would totally kick Thor’s ass !! Anyways all things said and done, there is a reason why Pokemons are as legendary as Comic Book characters. They are very well researched and have references to nature.

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